Defending Medical Fraud Claims

Healthcare fraud is no light matter, costing U.S. companies, investors and taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Because of this, the federal government is cracking down

What Exactly Is Tax Fraud?

Tax fraud is a white collar crime with serious consequences, ranging from a large fine to a prison sentence. In broad terms, tax fraud is

Campaign finance and fraud allegations

Political campaigns are active at all times but with 2020 being an election year for the nation’s highest office, the topic of campaign finance guidelines

What is the statute of limitations on tax fraud?

With most tax returns, the statute of limitations is three years. This means that the IRS has three years to challenge a tax return after

What are the common fraud allegations?

Fraud refers to any illegal or dishonest activities conducted by a company or individual. Fraud gives companies an unfair advantage. A number of different schemes

Understanding Pennsylvania’s identity theft law

Pennsylvania specifically outlaws identity theft. The state criminal code says that an individual commits identity theft if he or she uses or possesses personal identifying

Securities fraud: Mount a solid defense

One kind of fraud that you could be accused of participating in is called securities fraud. This form of fraud happens when you make false

What is wire fraud, and what are the penalties for committing it?

One kind of fraud that you should get to know more about is called wire fraud. Wire fraud is a federal offense, which means that

Were you accused of one of these types of securities fraud?

Imagine you’re an investment professional who has been working in the industry for two decades. Over the years, you’ve built an excellent career and reputation.

4 examples of fraud allegations: Were you accused of this crime?

Fraud is a broad term when used in a legal context and it can refer to a lot of different actions. However, at the root