You Need a Strong Defense After Being Accused of Corporate Crimes

If you’re accused of corporate crimes, your priority should be building a defense that can help you protect yourself. Corporate crimes may include various charges

Medical Kickback Allegations Require a Robust Defense

There are strict federal regulations that govern the modern health care industry. Physicians and employees at hospitals or medical practices who run afoul of federal

Defending Medical Fraud Claims

Healthcare fraud is no light matter, costing U.S. companies, investors and taxpayers billions of dollars annually. Because of this, the federal government is cracking down

3 Collateral Consequences That May Come With Criminal Charges

Few events have the potential to cause more interruption in your life than a criminal prosecution. After all, if a judge or jury convicts you,

4 Common Types of White-Collar Crimes

When someone commits a nonviolent crime for the purpose of financial gain, this is a white-collar crime. Generally speaking, the main characteristics of these crimes

Are White Collar Crimes Federal or State Crimes?

White collar crimes carry varying amounts of penalties. Some result in imprisonment while others may come with fines, loss of professional licenses and other criminal

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When does theft become embezzlement?

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3 types of white-collar crimes

The government defines white-collar crime as crimes committed through deceit and motivated by personal and financial gain. They may involve deception and violate trust. The

Former banker in money laundering scheme gets one day in jail

Offenses related to an employee’s use of a Pennsylvania financial institution as part of a money-laundering scheme can result in serious felony charges. A conviction