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Drug-related charges could be heard in drug court

If you're accused of a drug crime, you could be facing federal charges. The good news for you is that there are alternative penalties that could apply to your case, even if you are convicted.

Alternative penalties, such as going through drug court and obtaining addiction treatment in lieu of a prison sentence, could be the best bet for you if the case against you is solid.

Did your Oxycontin addiction get your in trouble with the law?

Oxycontin is the brand name for a chemical compound known as oxycodone. Doctors prescribe this pharmaceutical drug to patients who are suffering from painful conditions because it changes how the nervous system delivers signals to the brain. This drug can provide enormous relief to people suffering from chronic pain conditions. The problem is, it's highly addictive and therefore extremely dangerous.

Even a short-term prescription from a doctor can easily lead patients down the road of serious chemical addiction that's difficult to shake. This addiction, unfortunately, can also lead to criminal charges if a patient is forced to satisfy their chemical dependency by obtaining the drug illegally.

Were you accused of one of these types of securities fraud?

Imagine you're an investment professional who has been working in the industry for two decades. Over the years, you've built an excellent career and reputation. However, a recent, unjustified accusation is threatening to destroy everything you've worked so hard to create. You've been accused of securities fraud.

Securities fraud relates to misrepresentation, fraud and unlawful actions associated with the purchase and sale of investments. Charges related to securities fraud are not particularly uncommon when someone works in the securities, investment and banking industries. Just because you have been accused of this crime, however, does not mean that a court of law will find you guilty.

4 examples of fraud allegations: Were you accused of this crime?

Fraud is a broad term when used in a legal context and it can refer to a lot of different actions. However, at the root of fraud is always the assumption of purposeful deceit through direct statements of misinformation or through omission and misrepresentation of facts to others. The individual who commits fraud is usually doing so in order to receive some kind of unfair advantage and financial gain.

Here are four examples of fraud crimes that a Pennsylvania resident might be accused of:

Which drugs come with the worst punishments?

By virtue of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), in the United States, each illegal drug has been classified by the federal government according to its potential dangers and likelihood of abuse. Those drugs viewed by the government to be the most dangerous and the most likely to be abused fall under the most dangerous drug "schedules," Schedule I and Schedule II. Criminal convictions related to drugs in these categories also come with most severe punishments.

Drugs associated with Schedule I

Palmer Township police arrest man on drug charges

A man who was first accused of shoplifting was later arrested on felony-level drug charges. The 29-year-old was arraigned on a recent Wednesday for two counts of drug possession with the intent to deliver relating to Fentanyl, methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

The arrest happened in connection to an incident on June 25, when police were called to Boscov's department store. Police were told that the department store was holding a man it believed had shoplifted a $40 pair of pants. In addition, the department store's security personnel told police they believed the man had drugs and drug paraphernalia on his person.

The red flags of embezzlement: What companies look for

Embezzlement is a common criminal act that many Pennsylvania residents have been accused of, and some of them wrongly so. Often, inappropriate embezzlement charges come about because an office worker exhibited the so-called "warning signs" of embezzlement, which triggered a red flag with the employer. Here are some of the most common red flags of embezzlement:

1. An unusual decrease in profits

3 common types of securities fraud

"Securities fraud" is a legal term that covers a broad array of unlawful activities. One type of securities fraud that almost everyone has heard of is known as insider trading, for example, but there are many more.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of securities fraud that could result in civil and/or criminal allegations:

1 way to defend against a pharmaceutical drug charge

It's unlawful to possess prescription drugs without an actual prescription. If police pull you over on the road, carry out a search and discover you're in possession of prescription pills – but the pill bottle isn't the original container from the doctor with your name on it, you could find yourself in serious trouble with the law. Although a prescription drug possession crime is not usually as serious as a cocaine or LSD possession crime, these criminal charges come with stiff consequences for those who are convicted.

Fortunately, you might have a very easy way to defend yourself if the drugs were lawfully yours. During the initial phase of your criminal proceedings, you will simply need to product clear evidence that you had the right to possess your medication. This evidence might include:

  • The original pill bottle that contained your medication that lists your name, the prescribing physician and the types of drugs inside.
  • A letter from your doctor indicating that he or she prescribed you this medication and you were, therefore, in lawful possession of it.
  • A receipt from the pharmacy that contains your relevant information, your doctor's name and details about your prescription.

Greensburg officer's numb lips lead to crack cocaine bust

During a drug bust operation in Greensburg, an officer accidentally ingested an unknown white powder causing his lips and throat to become numb. Officers then proceeded to arrest three individuals on suspected drug dealing charges. As of last reports, the arrested individuals -- a 36-year-old man, a 27-year-old woman and a 39-year-old woman -- were being held at the Westmoreland County Prison.

The drug-related investigation and arrests were prompted when police issued a parking ticket at a Greensburg intersection to a man who had left his vehicle in the intersection. While issuing the ticket, police received information that a woman wanted in Allegheny County -- the 39-year-old referenced above -- was in a home close by where a drug overdose fatality had occurred in early July.


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