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Securities fraud: Mount a solid defense

One kind of fraud that you could be accused of participating in is called securities fraud. This form of fraud happens when you make false claims or statements about a company and its stocks. As a result, people may make decisions on that false information.

Insider trading can involve securities fraud, but it is usually different in that the board members, executives or others already know information about stocks and haven't made that information available to the public. They trade based on what they know, potentially avoiding losses or increasing earnings.

Tax evasion is a common white collar crime

As an average person, you don't think about committing white collar crimes. You think that they're crimes that only get committed by the chief executive officers (CEOs) of major corporations, accountants with access to funds or others with more to lose.

What may surprise you is that there are several white collar crimes that everyday people commit. One of these is tax evasion.

Don't let a federal investigation ruin your reputation

Being accused of a white-collar crime is a serious problem for anyone running a business or working high up in a business. You don't want to be accused of fraud, because it can hurt your reputation and your business's profits if the news reaches the media. You could lose your job and find it very difficult to find a new job in the future due to past charges that could come up in internet searches or other local news reports.

Not all accusations of white-collar crimes are made in good faith, and even those that are can be incorrect or misinformed. Sadly, you will be impacted even if the allegations are false. These accusations can result in investigations, but even if the end result is innocence, your reputation could still be badly damaged.

Man arrested for threatening Pennsylvania police officer

Making threats is a good way to end up under arrest. Threatening to kill a police officer is an even faster way to find yourself locked up behind bars.

Take for example a situation that started in Oregon and ended with threats against several Pennsylvanian police officers and federal charges for a defendant. According to the news, a 43-year-old man sent an email that threatened to kill a police chief in Pennsylvania. He also threatened to kill other officers who he allegedly believed were leaders of "terrorist organizations."

Drug busts lead to 27 indictments in Pennsylvania

When drug busts happen, many people end up being indicted for crimes. For people who get caught up in the situation but who truly have no role in it, this can be devastating. People who were in the wrong place at the wrong time do end up arrested, and they deserve the chance to defend themselves and walk away without penalties that they don't deserve.

Even those who do commit crimes don't deserve to face the harshest penalties in most cases. Drug users, in particular, deserve a chance at protecting themselves and getting the treatment they need to break the cycle of addiction.

Avoid an embezzlement conviction with good intentions

The only way to prove that a person has been involved in embezzlement is to establish that there was a fiduciary relationship between them and the alleged victim. In some cases, this can be more difficult to do than in others.

A fiduciary relationship is one where a party places their trust into another. The secondary party has a responsibility to act in the first party's best financial interests. Essentially, if you place your money with a banker or agent, you trust them to make good decisions with those funds and not to use them for their own personal gain.

What is wire fraud, and what are the penalties for committing it?

One kind of fraud that you should get to know more about is called wire fraud. Wire fraud is a federal offense, which means that you could face prison time for any violation you're convicted of.

Wire fraud's definition is broad, which makes it easier for the government to pursue charges against those who commit fraudulent acts. There are a few elements of the crime that must be met, however.

Criminal justice reform can benefit everyone

The criminal justice system seems to be in a state of change as of late. Many factors contribute to this but the ultimate goal is to help punish people who break the law while also providing them with the tools to rehabilitate into productive citizens who aren't going to fall into a cycle of recidivism.

There are many ways that the criminal justice system can be reformed. One thing that they must focus on is keeping people who aren't likely to commit more crimes from being transformed into hardened criminals.

What happens in an embezzlement case?

Embezzlement is a white collar crime that occurs when a person steals assets, either money or property, while in a position of trust. That individual is supposed to take care of the assets, but instead, they use them for their own purposes.

Accounting embezzlement is one of the most common kinds. With this form of embezzlement, it's necessary for the person to manipulate records to hide stolen funds. For instance, they might report a deposit of only $200 instead of $300 or change an interest rate to reflect the earnings in an account.

White collar crimes come with heavy penalties

White collar crimes are generally nonviolent offenses motivated by the hope for financial gain. Someone who commits a white collar crime wants to get money with no risk of loss. These crimes, particularly fraud and insider trading, often take place among those who work in corporate positions and in the business world.

White collar crimes are serious. They don't just affect one victim, which is why the government is strict with penalties. For example, insider trading, a kind of securities fraud, is penalized with between 15 months and 20 years in prison. Fines can also range from $5 to $25 million.


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