Following the Majority Is a Risk When Facing Federal Drug Charges

In Pennsylvania, individuals accused of violating drug laws will usually face prosecution at the state level. However, there are federal prohibition statutes that apply in

How can you defend against a drug manufacturing charge?

In Pennsylvania, the law meets drug-related crimes with a heavy hand. Drug distribution and trafficking charges are among the most serious. But manufacturing or growing

The elements of a drug trafficking charge

Pennsylvania residents should know that the drug crisis is reaching a fever pitch. Opioid overdoses are climbing, and law enforcement is targeting those who distribute

The high cost of the war on drugs

Pennsylvania has suffered from a longstanding drug problem. It has torn many families apart, sending some into a life of addiction and others into incarceration.

Is it legal to buy prescription opioids online in Pennsylvania?

From persistent back pain or nerve damage to rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and ability

Do you understand the harm of drug-induced homicide laws?

Maybe you have recently lost your job, or perhaps your current position in Florida does not pay you enough. Either way, you started selling illegal

Will I lose my driver’s license due to drug charge?

It may seem silly to think that you could lose your driving privileges for a crime you did not commit behind the wheel, but that

What are defenses to drug trafficking in Pennsylvania?

If the state of Pennsylvania charged you or a loved one with drug trafficking or distribution, you face a felony conviction, which could lead to

Death prompts guilty plea on drug charges for Pennsylvania man

A multiagency effort among state and federal authorities in Pennsylvania has resulted in the arrest of a 23-year-old man from Columbia County on drug charges.

Drug busts lead to 27 indictments in Pennsylvania

When drug busts happen, many people end up being indicted for crimes. For people who get caught up in the situation but who truly have