Know Your Defense Options When Charged With a Sex Crime

When Pennsylvania residents are charged with a sex crime of any type, they likely feel like the whole world is against them. There is no denying that there is a public perception that accompanies sex crime charges against a person that isn’t there with other types of criminal charges. Defendants may even feel like they have already been convicted as soon as they are arrested. However, an arrest is not a conviction. Pennsylvania residents who have been charged with a sex crime are entitled to their constitutional rights and to craft a defense strategy, just like any other criminal defendant.

Individuals who find themselves in this position need to know their defense options. And, for starters, they need to consider their options sooner rather than later. Law enforcement officials and the prosecution will not wait to start gathering their evidence and crafting their case, so defendants should avoid that mistake as well.

In many cases, the first step of the defense strategy is to perform a comprehensive review of the investigation of the alleged incident, the evidence gathered to date and of how the arrest of the suspect was performed. Any potential violations of constitutional rights may be a way to attack the charges and the entire case.

If the case needs to be pressed all the way to a jury trial, the strategies for presenting evidence in defense and for attacking the prosecution’s evidence need to be reviewed. Sex crimes trials can be highly emotional. But, it is important for all involved – including the defendant – to remember that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help Pennsylvania residents who are facing sex crime charges, please visit our website.