How can you defend against a drug manufacturing charge?

In Pennsylvania, the law meets drug-related crimes with a heavy hand. Drug distribution and trafficking charges are among the most serious. But manufacturing or growing drugs is a prelude to distribution in the eyes of the law. These charges also result in hefty penalties.

When facing a drug manufacturing charge, know the potential consequences of conviction. In most cases, drug manufacturing is a misdemeanor. In this state, misdemeanors still sometimes carry prison sentences. You may face anywhere from 1 to 3 years in prison. Courts may also fine you up to $25,000. Past convictions and the nature of the crime contribute to the penalty.

Prosecutors must prove that you did not have the license to manufacture the drug in question. They must also prove that you manufactured the drug. Most defenses revolve around disproving these points. Common defenses include proving:

  • A lack of knowledge
  • A lack of intention to deliver or distribute the drug
  • That the defendant does have a medical license to grow or manufacture the drug in question
  • That the drug does not belong to the defendant
  • That there was an insufficient amount of the drug present to prove guilt

Defendants may also prove that unlawful acts brought the case to court. Examples involve entrapment or the unlawful search and seizure of property.

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