Serious Internet Crimes Call For A Serious Defense

Internet crime, or cybercrime, charges become more commonplace every year. Often, alleged offenders are charged with attempting to steal personal or corporate information with the intent to ransom or use that information to take someone’s identity.

What’s more, these crimes tend to occur across state lines, potentially leading to a federal case and therefore more serious charges. Internet crimes can be some of the most complex cases. If you face charges for an internet crime, know that you stand your best chance with an experienced attorney.

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, in Pittsburgh, we have provided clients with legal guidance and representation in criminal defense matters for decades. Our father-daughter team of Stanton D. Levenson and Amy B. Levenson Jones utilize a collaborative approach to defense work, each bringing unique talents to your case and fighting on your behalf as one. We have the experience and know-how to help you mount and implement an effective defense.

A Dynamic Approach For Your Best Possible Results

A charge for any internet crime is serious. At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, we can implement a sound strategy and defend your rights to the fullest in a number of internet crime-related cases, including:

Thanks to our experience defending clients across several different areas of criminal law, we have gained a unique perspective on how to approach your case. Not only do we have an extensive background in white collar crimes, but also crimes of a violent and/or sexual nature. Whatever the charge, we know how your case is likely to play out and will use that to our advantage in your case.

Experienced Insight. Confidential Consultation.

When you face these charges alone, you invite long-term and unnecessary consequences into your life. Our experienced attorneys can help, with Stan bringing experience, proven techniques, and straight-talk and Amy bringing youth, new thinking and a female perspective.

Contact our office at 412-889-7270 or send a message online to schedule your confidential consultation. From our office in Pittsburgh, we help clients throughout Pennsylvania and the entire United States.