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Stopping Corporate Criminal Charges From Ruining Your Life

Criminal charges do more than just stop you from pursuing your personal dreams. If you’ve been accused of a corporate crime, it can impact your family, your reputation and the professional peers who depend on you. Although it may be impossible to erase the fact that you’ve been charged, what you do next has the power to mitigate the fallout.

Cities like Pittsburgh thrive on an iconic industriousness that comes with many opportunities. At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, I make it my business to help you develop a strong defensive strategy that protects your interests when your alleged actions in the business world lead to consequences in the legal arena. I’ve tried cases all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, and I won’t stop fighting for your rights until I’ve helped you chart a course that gets you through the legal system intact.

Unpacking Your Charges

One of the most confusing aspects of white collar criminal cases is that they often involve many different charges, especially in corporate criminal proceedings. There are a few important distinctions to understand, however:

  • Corporate crimes occur for the benefit of a company or organization
  • Although some forms of embezzlement are perpetrated by employees against their companies, others involve corporate actors committing financial fraud in violation of their fiduciary duties to their clients
  • Securities fraud can encompass misleading declarations about stock performance, insider trading and misreporting of corporate financial information

These are just some of the types of actions that might result in someone facing corporate criminal law offenses. Having an experienced, results-driven lawyer like myself on your side makes it possible for you to understand plea bargain strategies, trial techniques and potential penalties that might apply to your case — which makes it possible for you to make positive choices and regain control.

Talk To An Attorney That Knows How To Mount A Defense

Federal laws do more than just define what kinds of evidence are admissible in various court proceedings. They also remove protections like statutes of limitations, define minimum penalties and give the government the power to prosecute you to the ends of the Earth.

As a Pennsylvania attorney with a passion for the law, I’m proud to help you ensure that your defense is as rock-solid as possible. Call Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, today at 412-552-3231, or send a message here to take that first step in building your defensive strategy.