A Strong Defense For Clients Accused Of Violent Crimes

When you stand accused of a crime alleging violence, you need dedicated, experienced criminal defense attorneys to advocate for your rights and guide you through the legal process. You should not attempt to defend such serious charges on your own — when your freedom and future are on the line, you deserve the best legal representation possible.

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, in Pittsburgh, we have decades of experience representing clients in serious state and federal cases alleging violence ranging from murder and manslaughter to rape and assault. Attorneys Stanton D. Levenson and Amy B. Levenson Jones collaborate on every case they take and have a track record of achieving favorable results for criminal clients. We take only a select number of cases so we can give your case the careful attention it deserves.

Personalized Criminal Defense Services For Violent Crimes

Violent crimes come with stiff punishments. With so much riding on the line, you need a law firm that is willing to fight for you, aggressively defend all charges brought against you and be prepared to go to trial in pursuit of getting you the best outcome possible.

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, we handle all aspects of criminal cases personally, leveraging decades of experience representing individuals accused of violent crimes. As your criminal defense lawyers, we will mount a strong defense by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your case
  • Detecting flaws in the state’s theory and evidence
  • Vigorously cross-examining adverse witnesses
  • Lining up testimony to support your side of the story
  • Using proven defensive strategies to present your circumstances in the best light
  • Advising you on plea bargain offers and ensuring you understand the implications of taking a deal versus going to trial

Serious Criminal Defense Throughout Pennsylvania And The U.S.

While most of our clients live in the Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania area, we have traveled throughout the nation providing results-oriented criminal defense strategies. To date, we have represented clients in 38 states, from the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court. We draw on decades of experience to put together a comprehensive strategy. And Stan’s reputation for dedication to the profession has resulted in 16 Super Lawyers nominations and a listing in The Best Lawyers in America.

Whether you are facing state or federal charges alleging homicide, sexual assault, robbery or another crime of violence, we will aggressively fight for your rights from indictment to appeal. During each phase of the proceedings, we will provide straightforward advice that’s tailored to your circumstances. Get high-quality representation from lawyers who won’t quit fighting for you. Call Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, at 412-889-7270, or send us a message online.