Defending You Against Charges Alleging Fraud

Facing criminal allegations of any kind is stressful, and you may be tempted to take a plea bargain to put the issue behind you in an attempt to reduce the impact on your reputation. Before you make a decision that could impact the rest of your life, however, you should understand that fraud charges are defensible — and an experienced white collar fraud lawyer can help you fight for your rights and seek positive results.

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, we have decades of experience fighting fraud and other white collar criminal charges at the state and federal level. We have defended high-stakes fraud allegations throughout Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania and the entire nation. Our father-daughter defense team provides personalized representation that examines every aspect of your case and focuses on obtaining the best results possible for you.

Types Of Criminal Fraud Cases

We believe an attorney can only provide exceptional criminal defense when he or she thoroughly understands his or her client and the allegations made against them. That’s why, at Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, we limit our caseload so we can get to know every client, providing personalized counsel while using our experience to formulate an effective strategy and mount a strong defense. In doing so, we can increase the odds of a favorable outcome.

As criminal defense attorneys with decades of experience, we offer serious defenses for a wide range of crimes alleging fraud, including:

  • Health care fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Racketeering
  • Forgery
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Money laundering
  • Credit card fraud

Why Hire Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, we provide personalized attention and tenacious legal representation from pretrial to appeal. We leave nothing to chance and personally review all aspects of your case — no aspect of your case is so unimportant that we’d delegate it to another. Throughout the process, we are available to answer any question, explain your options with clear language and advise you on the best path forward using wisdom gleaned from decades of experience.

If you seek lawyers with a track record of success in white collar fraud defense, call us today at 412-889-7270 or send us a message online. With our unique collaborative approach to defense work, you’ll benefit from having two generations of criminal defense attorneys fighting as one on your behalf. Leave nothing to chance — contact an experienced Pittsburgh legal professional to help safeguard your future.