How Does Someone Accused of Embezzlement Fight Back?

Embezzlement is one of the few white-collar criminal charges that may result from interpersonal accusations rather than a state or federal investigation. Sometimes, embezzlement comes to light because regulatory agencies start looking into an organization’s financial records and discover what looks like misconduct.

However, it is often internal financial reviews or reports from co-workers who are concerned about certain behaviors that help an organization identify warning signs of potential embezzlement. Someone accused of embezzlement could face incarceration and an order to repay the business involved. They could also lose the professional licensing that they depend on for their main source of income.

A professional might feel helpless and outright hopeless when facing accusations of a financial crime. Still, there is always hope for those who have been accused of breaking the law. With strong legal support and preparation, it may be possible for those accused of a financial crime to avoid a conviction.

Careful evidence analysis is crucial in a financial case

Proving whether or not someone engaged in financial misconduct will often depend on the financial records a company produces to support those accusations. The right of discovery ensures that those accused of a financial crime can look over the documents that their employer claims prove their financial misconduct.

Often, those accused of embezzlement will need expert help to establish their innocence. A forensic accountant specializes in the thorough review of financial records. They can pore over the documentation allegedly supporting someone’s charges. What they uncover could play a key role in someone’s defense strategy.

Sometimes, they can find transactions that were performed by some other actor, thereby raising questions about the defendant’s involvement in the scheme. Other times, they might be able to track down where funds went or other key details that could connect the true culprit to the embezzlement scheme. The right help makes all the difference for those wanting to fight the state’s claims about their alleged financial misconduct.

Complicated crimes often require complicated defense strategies

Thankfully, even those who feel like they would never be able to make sense of the evidence against them still have an opportunity to defend themselves. Partnering with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with white-collar criminal charges like embezzlement accusations is often crucial for the success of someone’s attempts to defend against such charges.