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Criminal Defense Cases in Pittsburgh: Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes and Federal Court- Part Two

In our last post, I told you about a case where a Pittsburgh traffic citation turned into a drug bust and a violation of my client’s constitutional rights.

Now, in Part Two of our three part series, we’ll talk about the case of a dentist who faced five years in federal prison on drug trafficking charges.

Dentist Arrested on Mail Order Drug Distribution Charges

It was a dark time in an otherwise flawless career… My client, a respected dentist, was charged with distributing drugs by mail across state lines. For these serious charges, and because of a mandatory minimum sentence, my client was facing a minimum of five years in federal prison.

My client pleaded guilty, but the client’s otherwise impeccable character became vital in his mitigating his sentence. We amassed 52 character letters from people who knew the defendant—family, friends, all of the people who knew all of the good he had done for his community, and how hard he had worked in his profession.

It was through this, I was able to convince the judge that while the charges against him were serious, his conduct had been aberrational. Based upon the aberrational nature of the conduct, and the defendant’s prior good works and professional reputation, I was able to eliminate the mandatory minimum sentence. Instead the judge imposed a sentence of incarceration of three years.

–Stanton D. Levenson

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