The most dangerous drugs according to the federal government

According to the federal government, some drugs are more dangerous than others. As such, these more dangerous drugs have more severe punishments associated with them. To classify drugs according to “seriousness,” the federal government has categorized controlled substances into several different categories.

Here are the five classifications of drugs according to the federal government.

Schedule I drugs

Schedule I substances are deemed to have the highest potential for addiction and abuse. Furthermore, the federal government does not believe Schedule I drugs have any medical purposes. Although many states disagree about the dangers and lack of medical uses associated with marijuana, cannabis is included among other drugs in this — the most dangerous — drug category. Other drugs include DMT, LSD, magic mushrooms, heroin and ecstasy.

Schedule II drugs

Schedule II substances are all seen as having a high potential for addiction and abuse. However, the federal government also sees these drugs as helpful viable medical applications when prescribed and taken responsibly. These substances include methadone, morphine, Ritalin, Adderall and others.

Schedule III drugs

Although Schedule III substances do have a moderate potential for addiction and abuse, the federal government views them as the least dangerous of the top three dangerous drug categories. These substances include Marionol, Ketamine, anabolic steroids and others.

Schedule IV drugs

Schedule IV substances have an even lower chance of addiction and abuse and have many acceptable medical uses. They, along with Schedule V drugs, are some of the most commonly prescribed, including Xanax, Valium, difenoxin, Ambien and others.

Schedule V drugs

As the least dangerous drugs of them all, Schedule V drugs are still seen as dangerous but they have the lowest chance for addiction and abuse. They include codeine cough syrups and ezogabine.

Were you accused of a federal drug crime?

Federal drug crimes fall under the jurisdiction of federal drug laws and they will be litigated in federal court. If you were accused of a federal drug crime, it’s vital that you fully understand the laws you potentially broke and the punishments associated with the crimes in the event that a conviction occurs. Armed with this knowledge and a solid repertoire of criminal defense techniques, you can make the most educated choices for your defense.