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Securities fraud: Mount a solid defense

One kind of fraud that you could be accused of participating in is called securities fraud. This form of fraud happens when you make false claims or statements about a company and its stocks. As a result, people may make decisions on that false information.

4 examples of fraud allegations: Were you accused of this crime?

Fraud is a broad term when used in a legal context and it can refer to a lot of different actions. However, at the root of fraud is always the assumption of purposeful deceit through direct statements of misinformation or through omission and misrepresentation of facts to others. The individual who commits fraud is usually doing so in order to receive some kind of unfair advantage and financial gain.

Pittsburgh plumber accused of fraud

Sitting quietly next to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of East Carnegie, Green Tree and Banksville, Scott Township doesn't often get a lot of attention. However, a local TV station recently focused on allegations of a white collar crime against a plumber in the suburb.


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