Information For Attorneys Who Don’t Practice Criminal Law

Imagine this: The CEO of one of your most significant and high-profile corporate clients has just been arrested, and criminal charges are imminent. While your client has always turned to you for solid corporate counsel, who do you turn to now for solid and serious criminal defense work?

At Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, in Pittsburgh, we provide other law firms with the secure knowledge that their client’s defense is in good hands. With decades of experience in trying cases and representing clients nationwide, we have achieved hundreds of successful outcomes within every phase of the legal process — from pre-indictment negotiation and pretrial motions, to trial, sentencing, appeals and post-conviction proceedings.

Stan’s skills in the criminal defense field have made him a well-known lecturer and seminar speaker on law and ethics topics, including effective trial tactics, post-conviction remedies, downward sentencing departures, sex-crime defense, and the criminal trial of Clarence Darrow.

Experienced Defense With A Two-Pronged Approach

Attorneys Stanton D. Levenson and Amy B. Levenson Jones collaborate on every case they take. With our unique father-daughter approach to defense work, your client will benefit from having two generations of criminal defense attorneys fighting as one on your client’s behalf.

We can help when your client is facing criminal charges involving:

We Can Help You Help Your Client

When your client requires strong representation from an established criminal defense firm, contact Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices. We provide our clients with the personalized attention and sound advice you always want your clients to receive. We accept referrals from attorneys throughout the nation and pay participation and referral fees in accordance with local bar rules, codes of professional responsibility, and applicable canons of ethics.

Contact Stanton D. Levenson, P.A. Law Offices, today by calling 412-889-7270 or sending a message online. From our offices in Pittsburgh, we represent clients throughout the country.