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Advice for quitting a cocaine addiction

Many Pennsylvania residents have found themselves in trouble with the law as a result of a cocaine addiction. Although a minor possession conviction will not result in extremely serious criminal consequences -- especially if it's a first-time offense -- the more times you are convicted of this crime, the more serious the punishments will get. As such, if you're facing drug charges relating to a cocaine habit, you might want to consider doing something to address your addiction once and for all.

Here's some general knowledge advice as it pertains cocaine addiction:

  • If you have a severe addiction to a cocaine, you should consult with a physician before attempting to get off the drug. Quitting cold turkey could result in extreme cravings and dangerous relapses.
  • Casual users of cocaine will have better success quitting the drug on their own. However, a physician's assistance is always recommended.
  • Quitting cocaine, especially after heavy and regular use, will result in various withdrawal symptoms such as depression, fatigue, poor sleep, increased appetite, slowed activity and agitation.
  • Quitting cocaine will not be a pleasant experience physically, emotionally or mentally. Be prepared for a strong reaction from your body.

The most dangerous drugs according to the federal government

According to the federal government, some drugs are more dangerous than others. As such, these more dangerous drugs have more severe punishments associated with them. To classify drugs according to "seriousness," the federal government has categorized controlled substances into several different categories.

Here are the five classifications of drugs according to the federal government.

When should I seek a plea bargain?

Every criminal defendant dreams of being able to assert the perfect criminal defense to obtain a verdict of not guilty. However, in the face of irrefutable evidence brought forward by the prosecution, some criminal defendants will be up against an insurmountable obstacle. They won't be able to secure a not guilty verdict, no matter how many cutting-edge defense strategies they attempt to deploy.

For example, imagine that you were accused of shoplifting. You'd like to deny the charges, but surveillance video footage clearly shows you surreptitiously taking the item at issue, putting it in your backpack and trying to leave the store without paying for it.

Pittsburgh plumber accused of fraud

Sitting quietly next to the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of East Carnegie, Green Tree and Banksville, Scott Township doesn’t often get a lot of attention. However, a local TV station recently focused on allegations of a white collar crime against a plumber in the suburb.

WPXI says a Scott Township homeowner claims he was defrauded of thousands of dollars for home improvement work that was never carried out.

Embezzlement cases can be won

Embezzlement is one of several types of white collar crime. Those accused of committing white collar crimes may work in the banking or financial industries or otherwise have access to company or client funds.

These cases present some unique defense challenges. By definition, embezzlement involves the misappropriation of property or money by someone with stewardship responsibility over the resources. This person is likely highly trusted by employers or those whose assets are in the accused person's care and control.


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