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Palmer Township police arrest man on drug charges

A man who was first accused of shoplifting was later arrested on felony-level drug charges. The 29-year-old was arraigned on a recent Wednesday for two counts of drug possession with the intent to deliver relating to Fentanyl, methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

The arrest happened in connection to an incident on June 25, when police were called to Boscov's department store. Police were told that the department store was holding a man it believed had shoplifted a $40 pair of pants. In addition, the department store's security personnel told police they believed the man had drugs and drug paraphernalia on his person.

Police took the man into custody. While they were searching him at police headquarters, they allegedly found over 5 grams of Fentanyl, Buprenorphine Hydrochloride and 7 grams of crack in his back. Also in his bag, they say they discovered three scales, a stolen pair of cargo shorts and multiple syringes.

The man also had a pending warrant out for his arrest, but it's not clear what crimes the warrant was for. His bail was set to $200,000, which he failed to post. He has since been transmitted to Northampton County Prison, where he will wait for his preliminary hearing on Oct. 3.

As with any arrest, it's important to remember that this man has only been accused of various crimes. He will not be convicted or punished, until -- and only if -- he is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt during his criminal court proceedings for drug crimes. Until this occurs, he will have every opportunity to launch a vigorous and well-planned criminal defense as an answer to the charges.

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