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July 2018 Archives

3 examples of high-profile white collar crime cases

White collar crimes happen all the time, and sometimes they happen on a very grand scale. When the people or organizations that committed these large-scale crimes get caught, the case tends to get featured across all the national news networks. In the text that follows, we'll examine three such high-profile white-collar crime cases that were very big news in the not-so-distant past:

Advice for quitting a cocaine addiction

Many Pennsylvania residents have found themselves in trouble with the law as a result of a cocaine addiction. Although a minor possession conviction will not result in extremely serious criminal consequences -- especially if it's a first-time offense -- the more times you are convicted of this crime, the more serious the punishments will get. As such, if you're facing drug charges relating to a cocaine habit, you might want to consider doing something to address your addiction once and for all.

The most dangerous drugs according to the federal government

According to the federal government, some drugs are more dangerous than others. As such, these more dangerous drugs have more severe punishments associated with them. To classify drugs according to "seriousness," the federal government has categorized controlled substances into several different categories.


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