What is the age of consent in PA?

One of the more important rules governing consent in the state of Pennsylvania is the age of consent. Essentially, the age of consent is the

Former banker in money laundering scheme gets one day in jail

Offenses related to an employee’s use of a Pennsylvania financial institution as part of a money-laundering scheme can result in serious felony charges. A conviction

Why is there so much confusion about consent?

When talking about sexual assault cases the topic of “consent” comes up often. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this idea. Nobody seems to

The elements of a drug trafficking charge

Pennsylvania residents should know that the drug crisis is reaching a fever pitch. Opioid overdoses are climbing, and law enforcement is targeting those who distribute

Man receives one-day sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud

A software glitch discovered while using an online gift-card redemption system led to a Pennsylvania man’s wire fraud conviction. Because the circumstances involved the use

The high cost of the war on drugs

Pennsylvania has suffered from a longstanding drug problem. It has torn many families apart, sending some into a life of addiction and others into incarceration.

Is it legal to buy prescription opioids online in Pennsylvania?

From persistent back pain or nerve damage to rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and ability

Protecting your career amid white collar crime allegations

We have written about the many different consequences that people have to deal with due to allegations involving a white collar crime. Not only do

What constitutes embezzlement?

It is common knowledge that embezzlement is a form of theft, but what is not common knowledge is how this type of thievery ended up

What are the penalties for embezzlement?

The penalties for embezzlement in Pennsylvania depend on whether or not the crime is considered only at the state level or also includes the federal